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Comme d'habitude prix qualité et livraison rapide

Beau couteau

Beau couteau, et prix très compétitifs

Robust. Top.

Top Qualität.

Handlich & schick.

Prix attractifs

Prix très compétitifs et livraison rapide top top

Northfield Un-X-LD #06 - Sambar Stag

Classy little slipjoint knife. Three-finger grip, very nice at both fit'n'finish and walk'n'talk! Awesome service by OnlyKnives, thanks a lot!!!

Victorinox Hunter Pro

Das Messer wurde sehr schnell geliefert. Einwandfrei.

Kizer V3
Viorel D.

Reliable site, the owner is extremely kind and helpful,
the best quality products at competitive prices, some series and rare models that cannot be found on other profile sites. Prompt delivery.
I will definitely buy from here again.

Excellent details.

Love the style. Tight spring back keeps blade in place.

Good value. Classic style.

Excellent details.

Beautiful fit and finish. Smooth operation.
Excellent service, fast delivery.

Love this knife.

Peasant Knife
Bruno W.
Tolles Messwerte einem sehr günstigen Preis!

Tolles Messer zu einen günstigen Preis!

The Product is fantastic and and a work of art. The build quality is outstanding and Only knives is a great company to do business with.

David L.
Kizer Megatherium /Thank you Only Knives

I purchased the Megatherium (all black Ti stonewashed) from Only Knives about a month ago and I cannot be happier. Originally when I saw the picture and specs I thought it was ugly and had a lower grade steel from knives I usually collect but something kept drawing back to it. First thing is isn’t available in the US where I usually buy my knives from and I read somewhere that the designer has recently passed, that made me look again. This time not only as a tool but a work of art which it certainly is both. I saw it available in the UK where I live but the price made me hesitate. Then I stumbled upon Only Knives and they had it at half price, I thought they were a scam website originally because I’ve been stung twice before so I went to buying from websites that I was familiar with in the US. Two weeks later Only Knives still had it available so I researched the company and found that they were legit so I took a chance because Only Knives said that VAT was included (which it wasn’t) and I am so happy with my decision. Not only are they legitimate but I can honestly say that Only Knives are a fantastic company to work with they make the whole process of buying from a Swiss/German company absolutely fantastic especially considering that I am British and I don’t speak any other language maybe just a little school boy French that’s it. I can highly recommend Only Knives as very professional and Swiss post are great. As for the Megatherium, what a beautiful work of art and design. I am very happy that I took a chance on Only Knives a very professional and efficient company that l look forward to doing more business with .

What a beautiful knife. One to check off my list. So happy with this knife

Nice small folder knife

Very good smooth & snappy action. Blade is sharp, but rather small in size and the micarta could be a little better. Liking the Kizer brand, always good quality.


Tout est là pour graver son couteau sympa , livraison rapide je recommande 👍

Tolles Messer, sehr schön im Design

Habe das Messer meinem Mann zum Geschenk gemacht. Er sammelt Messer. Ich persönlich finde es schön vom Design und von der Handhabung.

Tolle Überraschung

Habe meinem Mann die Mystery Box geschenkt. Er hat sich sehr gefreut über die tollen Dinge. Was auch immer eine nette Aufmerksamkeit ist, sind die Bombons von Ricola, echt witzig. Die Mysteriebox würde ich immer weiter empfehlen, da kann man bei Sammlern nichts verkehrt machen.

1A 42a - Tolles Messer

Als Fan des QSP Penguin Knife, der es bedauerte, das die erste Variante des Penguin nicht mit dem deutschen Waffengesetz vereinbar ist, habe ich bei diesem Modell natürlich sofort zugeschlagen. Ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Die Vorstellung im hier angeführten YouTube-Video entspricht zu 100% meinem eigenen Eindruck. Alle 👍 hoch 🙂

Beautiful knife with history.